Around the largest part of the chest.  Do NOT use your bra size.  The number should be a tad larger than your bra size, as the bra size number is your chest size under the bust.


Around the waist at the belly button.  Jod will run higher waisted than jeans or slacks.  For children also include size of street pants.


Draw an imaginary line from armpit up to top of shoulder, start there, go to nape of neck (big bone at bottom of neck) and over to imaginary line above other armpit. Or on current fitting suit, from shoulder/sleeve seam, up to bottom edge of collar at middle back seam and down to other shoulder/sleeve seam.


From edge of shoulder bone at arm down to where thumb meets hand.


For a neat appearance in the ring, measure your neck circumference.  The collar of the shirt should fit snug, yet comfortable with no gapping.

NAPE TO WAIST for suits and coats:

Measure from nape of neck to natural waist.  This measurement is important for placement of darts on back of coat so coat skirts will flow out nicely.  In alterations darts can be lowered, but not raised.  For academy, this measurement is to make sure back length of vest is long enough to cover entire waistband of jods so this measurement will be a few inches longer than nape to natural waist, depending on where the jods sit on you/your child.


From nape of neck down to bend in knee.


From crotch to floor in bare feet.  You will then want to add at LEAST THREE inches to that number to get the length of the inseam on the pants.  This is so the jods will still be long enough when sitting on the horse to cover the boots.


Around largest part of rear.


Around upper thigh.


Around largest part of calf.


As a rule, you want your SHIRT's (NOT vest or coat) bust and waist to be about 3" LARGER than your actual measurements for comfort!
You do want your collar to be snug for the best look.  Sleeve length is important for academy riders, sleeves should still be long enough after rider bends arm in riding position.



measure largest area around chest.


around waist at belly button.


The length of the back of the vest is most important, especially in academy.  By rule, if your back is long enough, the front will automatically be.

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