My Trainer’s Closet Consignment Agreement

Terms of Consignment:

✓ We only accept clothing made by equestrian tailors.  We do not accept non-tailor made items, such as department store shirts, home-made suits, etc.  Clothing must be in clean, ready to sell condition. We no longer accept polyester items.

✓  MTC reserves the right to refuse clothing in unsatisfactory condition as well as out of date items.

✓ All items not sold within 12 – 18 months from the date of this agreement will have its sales price decreased by up to 50%.  At that point the consignor has the option of having their items shipped back to them (at the consignors cost) or MTC LLC will donate your items to charity or a less fortunate fellow rider.

✓ MTC will not accept responsibility for damage to, or destruction of, on consignment which could occur as a result of fire, flood, theft, or other major events outside of the control of MTC LLC.



Click Here to Download the Consignment Agreement